A Secret for a Company to Achieve Sustainable Development




Among all our cooperation partners, some choose to go to the Business School for further MBA study, some try to learn through reading various commercial books, listening different types of APPs, or attending private advisory board. Though their ways of studying are different, their goals are the same, and what they want to know is why some companies can keep growing while others are flashes in the pan. 


In the past 10 years, some companies in textile printing industry disappear or transform in the process of operation while some grow bigger and bigger. There is a common feature for those growing companies. That is, they don’t have many workers, but possess strong ability to position and reposition themselves in management. Meanwhile, as time goes on, they persistently go deeper in this industry. Based on the competition trend, changing situation and constant iteration in the textile printing industry, they constantly adjust their position and business model. Their product lines change from car flags, custom flags to display products; their printing methods from silk screen printing to digital printing; and their targeted customers from end users to B customers (business to business). 


After running for 2-3 years, some companies may reach their development ceiling and they cannot break the ceiling no matter how hard they work on it. While for the companies that acquire the industry discipline, they gain their competitive advantage in strategy and management. We hope China-Flag-Makers and its core partners will be the latter.