A Service Provider with Complete Supply Chain Advantages

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Before cooperating with core customers, China-Flag-Makers always spends a lot of time to know the customers through searching customers’ website, chatting with customers online, inviting customers for a visit, contacting with clients by emails and phone calls or organizing online meetings. Meanwhile, we also make analysis and comparison of the business models among our customers, through which China-Flag-Makers has a better knowledge and clearer idea of serving B customers (Manufacturer to Business). Based on this, we have achieved resource complementary with our customers. Besides selling a series of products and offering customized services, our ultimate goal is to grow together with our customers.

Here I want to put an emphasis on customer visiting. Considering the long-term cooperation, B customers will definitely propose to visit the company and factory, and we take it as an opportunity to show our quality and speed control as well as our strength. What’s more, customers’ visiting our factory can help us build mutual trust.

As the textile printing industry changes faster and faster, we have entered a fully competitive era. Under this situation, we will work together with our partners to solve the problems.

Sometimes, when customers come for a visit, they will put up some interesting questions, for example, one of the customers asked me, “when someone in my region tries to purchase from China-Flag-Makers, what will you do?” What I want to say is China-Flag-Makers is quite open to sharing industry information with our customers, but we won’t disclose their private information. China-Flag-Makers doesn’t accelerate the competition in this industry, on the contrary, we offer more services and supports to customers than any other suppliers. Besides, different companies have different core competitive edges. When two companies have different competitive edges and development routes, how can they directly compete with each other?

China-Flag-Makers is not a company that adopts traditional marketing modes which gain business through sending emails and then find the related resources, but a service and integration provider with complete supply chain advantages.